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Please note that many of these pictures were taken on a fim camera many years ago and then scanned recently
HH-53 at RAF Woodbrige England
Arch De Triumph in Paris
Bob Neuman In Norwich England
Brands Hatch Raceway in England, where I saw the 1985 British GP
Walking with a broken foot at RAF Woodbridge football field
Calis France Train Station

What happens if you pass out drunk on a Engish Beach with a bunch of G.I.s
closeup of a seagull
the beach at Bawdsy England
Framlingham Castle (keep)
Gary Joiner
Greg Olsen in Paris

HC-130s on RAF Woodbridge flightline
Jody McFadden
my former roommate and lifelong friend Kim and her mom,(also my adopted Mom) Bootsie
Lance Matsunaga
Mike Howell, my boss at Woodbridge
Mike Shippe the best roommate and friend I had in the Air Force
a sign that Mike Conway and Mike Howell painted
Closeup of the Moon
Morrocan Desert
Beach in northern England
Paris skyline from the Eiffel Tower
Sign at Picadilly Circus, London England
Fisherman at Pisa Italy
Cathederal and Tower of Pisa
Rabat Morroco
My RZ 350 motorcycle (I loved it!)
Mike Howell, Mike Shippe, and Greg Olsen at a party
Mike Shippe teaching another guy how to juggle
Soho, London, England
Tasting the local wine in Italy (Mike Conway, Randy Bear, and unknown)
Three Drunks heading home in Italy
Ted a great guy in England

RAF Woodbridge Sheetmetal Shop

A Beautiful Day On The Beach



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